Make Time For Yourself

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “In order to effectively take care of others, you first have to take care of yourself.” This is hard to do when we’re busy taking care of kids, holding down a household, working 40+ hours, volunteering, and just doing more things that take up our time. If you tend to put everyone before yourself, my ask of you is to change your mindset and make time for yourself, and then take care of everyone else. I remember how difficult it was to find time for my running and workouts while I raised two boys as a single parent. My workouts and running took a backseat while I took care of everything first. I found myself tired, unhappy, unmotivated and my health declined. When I started to “make” time rather than “find” time, I was much happier, healthier, more motivated and had more energy to take care of my kids, my job, and more. It’s time to put yourself first. Maybe you’ll have to talk to your family or friends to let them know of the change you plan on incorporating. Share with them the reason WHY you are making time for yourself first; I think they will understand.


Make time for yourself


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